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Nothing brings more new life to a home for less cost than paint. Whether your home needs a soothing fresh coat or a radical design to bring new life to your walls, RPM Custom Painting specializes in helping you make your home its best with a unique set of services even the most frugal customer can appreciate. From color selection through to custom mural designs, Ryan will make sure your home is everything you hoped it could be. Whether you are happy with standard colors for your walls, or look to get creative through different painting styles, RPM Custom Painting can help.

What you can expect when you hire RPM Custom painting…

Reliability: We’ve all run into those “professionals” who don’t return calls, cannot show up on time, or make lots of promises they cannot keep. RPM Custom Painting is different. But don’t take our word for it, read what Annette A. - President; Able Cloud Advisors, LLC in Rochester has to say…

“Normally I contract painting through my preferred painter who wasn’t available when I needed him. Ryan came in and immediately put me at ease with the quality I could expect from him. He asked questions and paid attention to details I had not even considered, which is saying a lot because I consider myself “picky’ and have very high expectations for things I hire out. Ryan’s work was better than my normal painter, fairly priced and he is someone I would trust to work in my home whether I was present or not. He took enormous pride in his work and cleaned up so I never even knew he was there.”

Perfection: When you hire RPM Custom Painting you’re really hiring Ryan Paul Macieszek, not some big name company who hired a bunch of painters just yesterday for a nickel on the dime. Anything Ryan has his name on has to be perfect. You can trust that your new interior or exterior will have crisp lines and flawless coats of paint that bring out the natural beauty in your home and furnishings.
Clean and Courteous Workers: The last thing you need is someone who’s not going to treat you or your home with respect. RPM Custom Solutions will not only leave your home looking fabulous, your home is barely disturbed while they’re working. No headaches, no messes, no hassles. But don’t take our word for it, read what Kathleen P. – Career Management & Advisory Services from Greece has to say…

“Doing business with Ryan was a pleasure. He painted the conference room in my office and did an absolutely superb job. The work was done in a neat and timely fashion and everything was exactly as promised, including his paint and color recommendation. Ryan is deeply committed to delivering a high value customer experience! I would gladly recommend Ryan to anyone who desires top-shelf custom interior painting services.”


Your building and lobby are a reflection of your company provides. Do really want to greet your customers and staff with drab, gray, chipped or beaten down walls? Let RPM Custom Painting take care of the any and all painting needs you have.

“We hired Ryan to paint our interior trim – a tedious job that requires great attention to detail and concern for quality. Needless to say, Ryan more than met our expectations. He even helped confirm our initial color choice (which was a much whiter white, and made us a little nervous), and the house looks 100% brighter and cleaner now. If you want an eye for color and a steady hand, you want Ryan.” Rob P. - Director, Strategic Services at Forward Branding

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We want to be your preferred painter. Call us today.